Virtual Fall Protection Awareness

Virtual Fall Protection Awareness

Honeywell Safety Training

  • $275.00


This is a VIRTUAL, instructor-led course. The class will take place with a live Honeywell instructor through a virtual platform (A direct link to the training is sent after registration). Testing and certificate download will be through Litmos: (Accounts are created upon registration).

This four-hour awareness course (also called "User" or "Authorized") is designed for individuals with frequent (daily or weekly) exposure to fall hazards. Participants gain knowledge and skills necessary to identify and avoid hazards associated with elevated work locations. The course features a series of presentations, demonstrations and hands-on exercises.


  • Overview of Fall Protection
  • The Need for Fall Protection
  • Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control
  • Fall Prevention vs. Protection
  • Basic Principles of Fall Forces (live demonstrations)
  • Overview of Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS)
    • Selection, use and care
    • Equipment inspection procedures
    • Proper equipment donning
    • Field application exercises with demonstrations and hands-on activities


  • A personal computer with a strong internet connection.
  • Please ensure you have a web cam and that your computer audio is enabled. We suggest you use a headset, which reduces echo for the instructor.
  • Please join at least 15 mins. early to work through technical issues.


At no additional cost, a digital download of the required book will be provided prior to the class. If you wish or to order a printed copy of the book, you can do so by going to the below page.

Order Awareness Student Workbook here

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