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Honeywell Industrial Safety Training

As a recognized leader in worker safety training, Honeywell offers comprehensive behavior‑based safety training, taught by certified, knowledgeable industry experts.

 Discover what’s best for your employees, company or site needs:
  • Scheduled Open Enrollment classes offered in various locations throughout the US and Canada, or
  • Customized On-Site Training or Online Courses that can be completed at your own pace

Training is an integral part of our Total Solution in fall protection. Having the right fall protection and being trained in its use are both important since no fall protection equipment – regardless of how effective – can save an employee who is not properly trained in its use. To meet this crucial requirement, Honeywell Training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a safer, more productive work environment.

Contact Honeywell Training at 855-565-6722 or HoneywellSafetyTraining@Honeywell.com

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