AR Technology Apps: Frequently Asked Questions

We’re taking equipment inspection training to another level with the release of our state-of-the-art simulator


Designed with custom augmented reality (AR), with some featuring Honeywell products, we’ve unleashed an unforgettable experience using computer-generated graphics responding in real-time movement. When using the new simulators, equipment appears inside your present space as if it were floating in front of you.

Mobile AR simulators increase safety and performance in virtual training.


  1. Automatic with Course Registration (Equipment Inspection App Only)
    Students who are registered and attend our Competent Person course will be automatically provided a QR code to download the Equipment Inspection simulator during class.
  2. Purchase QR Code
    Order a QR code, which acts as a token to receive access. ORDER HERE.


Q: Does the Equipment Inspection App REPLACE hands-on training?

A: No. The app was not developed to be used in place of formal training but will be used as a tool to bridge the virtual gap in hands-on training. 

Q: How can I get access to use this app?

A: We have included this app as part of our Virtual Equipment Inspection course. If you sign up for one of the following courses: Competent Person with Equipment Inspection or Fall Protection Equipment Inspection, you will get a free token to download our simulator. 

Q: How long can I use the simulator?

A: Once you download the simulator inside the app, we allow up to 20 hrs. a year with a maximum of 10 hrs. a month of usage.

Q: Is there a fee to use the app?

A: Students who are registered and attend either our Competent Person with Equipment Inspection or Fall Protection Equipment Inspection courses will be able to download the simulator as part of the training.

Q: Can I purchase the simulator without attending a Honeywell Training course?

A: Yes. As long as it's understood that the app is not used as a replacement for inspection training, it can be purchased and used as a tool to aid in equipment and ladder inspection fundamentals. We offer one token for $8 which allows each user up to 20 hrs. a year with a maximum of 10 hrs. a month of usage. ORDER HERE

Q: How do I download the app?

A: The app can be found on the Apple app store or Google play under "SENAR AR Simulators". Download this app for free. You do need a QR code to download the Honeywell Equipment Inspection simulator within the app.

Q: What Honeywell equipment is featured in the app:

A: Currently we feature the Honeywell H500 Harness and Falcon Self-Retracing Lifeline in the Equipment Inspection app. We have plans to develop additional product and simulators in the future.

Q: How many inspections are required within the app?

A: The H500 Harness includes 5 separate harnesses with up to 3 flaws each, for a total of up to 15 findings. The Falcon SRL includes 5 separate SRLs with up to 5 flaws each, for a total of up to 25 findings. The ladder simulator includes various inspections and proper use.

Q: Can I walk around the product and move in close to examine the findings?

A: Yes. Once the hologram appears, it will seem as if the product is in the room with you. You can walk freely around it to perform the inspection marking off the findings as you go. As you peer through your phone, you may walk up close or far, look above or below or circle around it. 

Q: Can I use the app without having to walk around it?

A: Yes. We've included a feature within the app that allows you to manually rotate the equipment and zoom in without needing to move.

Q: How do you inspect an SRL cable within the app?

A: We've gone the extra mile to ensure that the cable inspection is as realistic as possible including movement and sound. Following the housing and connector inspection of the SRL, the simulator will prompt you to pull out the lifeline (tap to pull) and inspect the cable for flaws. You can either zoom in or walk up close to the lifeline to confirm if it is safe to use or not.
Finally, after the SRL inspections are complete, we’ve included test questions and real-life scenario videos from a Honeywell instructor to reinforce and validate the points.

Q: Does the app keep score?

A: Yes. Once you've completed all required inspections for each product, you will be able to see a score card including your score history, duration it took to do the inspections and total points acquired. To keep a copy of this, you can screen shot it within the app, or ask a Honeywell instructor to send a report. 

Q: Are they any additional key features included in the app?

A: Yes, we have several! 

  • Background Enhancement - this feature changes your reality surroundings from "living room" (or wherever you are) to a standard open warehouse.
  • Help Button - This feature is included to help guide you through the inspections if you are having trouble finding them. Use this as many times as you need as you inspect the equipment.
  • Move/Resize Tool - If you don't want to get up and move (or you can't), you have the ability to zoom and turn the hologram with this feature.