Virtual Classroom Benefits

There is a variety of advantages moving from in-person training to a virtual learning environment, and we’ve taken extra steps to see that our customers get the best experience possible. A variety of US and Canadian course selection is available - Review Virtual Training Course Options.



  • Virtual classrooms contain all the same elements and student learning objectives as in-person classrooms, with just a few adjustments and accommodations to meet the virtual need. 
  • A live Honeywell instructor and other students are present. Webcams are shared so students and instructors can see each other. Presentation and videos are also shared.
  • Virtual training allows the trainee to ask questions – real time – and receive instant feedback from the instructor and the other safety professionals in the training just as they would in an in-person training.
  • Honeywell instructors stay present during the exam period in case there any questions or concerns.  
  • Honeywell virtual class attendance is limited to keep the personal interaction between students and the instructor.


  • Savings are quickly accumulated without the need for travel and other expenses.
  • At no additional cost, a digital download of the required books and all required course materials will be provided prior to the class. We also offer printed copies of the books for an additional fee. 


  • Virtual training allows you to train in the convenience of your home or in a safe conference space. 
  • Equipment demonstration for the hands-on portion of training now includes the use of our new inspection app featuring AR Technology (Augmented Reality). AR simulators increase safety and performance in virtual trainings. Employees can experience a simulated reality without being in real danger and can learn the consequences of wrongdoings without the serious repercussions. 
    • Students are required to have certain pieces of equipment present and our instructors share a variety of equipment on camera. Our instructors will evaluate the students with equipment as required per each respective class.


  • All the same required evaluation and assessment methods from in-person training are still applicable, only it is online via our Learning Management System (LMS), providing instant score feedback.
  • Certificates are available by download immediately following training.
  • Course time-zone choices based off your location are available options.