Competent Tower Climber/Rescuer

Honeywell Safety Training

  • $1,025.00


This fast paced training program meets the National Association of Tower Erectors climber training standards. The program provides climbers with a comprehensive overview of the highest regulatory and safety standards in the industry – Including OSHA, ANSI, and State Plan regulations and standards. The training provides individuals with the required skills and knowledge to safely recognize, evaluate and control hazards related to tower work. It also teaches participants climbing techniques, proper selection of fall protection equipment and how to properly plan, set up rescue equipment, and rescue a victim through simulated drills. This course includes both classroom and hands-on training. 

Competent Tower Climber participants must hold current certificate; have 90-days climbing experience.



  • Fall Prevention & Protection Competent Person Review
  • Overview of Regulations and Standards (OSHA, ANSI)
  • Defining and discussing fall restraint, fall restriction and fall arrest
  • Anchors and Anchor Connectors
  • Connecting Devices and Harnesses
    • Selection
    • Inspection, Maintenance, Use & Limitations
  • Specialty Systems
    • Vertical Lifelines
    • Horizontal Lifelines
    • Ladder Safety Climbing Systems
    • Controlled Descent Systems
  • Hazard Recognition, Evaluation and Control
  • Industry Hazards
    • RF/EME
    • Types of Tower Structures
    • Weather, Clothing, Falling Objects
    • Crane and Man Lift Usage
  • Fall Clearance Calculation & Minimizing Fall
  • Forces
  • Rescue
    • Pre-planning
    • What to do as the Victim
  • Pre-job planning
  • Tower Exercises
  • Rescue
    • Rescue Equipment
    • Rescue Techniques

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