Fall Protection Competent Person & Equipment Inspection COMBO

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This is a three-day course including 16-hr. Competent Person and 8-hr Fall Protection Equipment Inspection for a discounted combo price.

Competent Person (Days 1-2)

This two-day intermediate level course is designed for facility and site supervisors who must also serve as the competent person required by OSHA 1926.32(f), 1926.500 and 1910 standards. Participants are assigned tasks which require evaluation for fall hazards. The tasks are described using real-life site photos. The training provides more detailed coverage of the Fall Prevention & Protection Supervisor Training course materials and the following program topics. The course also supplies the participant with the knowledge and skills to perform the annual inspection and record keeping.

Equipment Inspection (Day 3)

The 8-hour Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Course is a course designed for a tool crib worker that needs to inspect the equipment prior to issuing to the users, but does not have the level of responsibility the competent person does. The training provides experience, methodology and in-depth look at all standards (ANSI & CSA) and regulations (OSHA) covering inspection of personal fall arrest systems. Additionally, a newly trained "competent person" who is responsible for the annual inspecting of personal fall arrest systems. The newly trained competent person may need additional hands on inspection experience to broaden their inspection education.

Our Equipment Inspection Program covers the foundation of inspecting any piece of fall protection and follows mandated regulations including OSHA and ANSI; However, it is ultimately the employer who deems whether an employee is approved to inspect any kind of equipment. 

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