Confined Space Train the Trainer Refresher with Rescue

Confined Space Train the Trainer Refresher with Rescue

Refresher training requires a prerequisite.

  • $1,250.00

Prerequisite Requirement: 32-Hr. Confined Space Train the Trainer


This 3-day course refreshes the 32-Hr. Confined Space Train the Trainer certificate and includes a day of Rescue Refresher.

A detailed review of confined space regulations, typical atmospheric, physical, and mechanical hazards are taught and explained. Control measures are provided along with a number of application exercises focusing on confined space equipment, inspection, gas detection and atmospheric testing, and non-entry and entry rescue are discussed and reviewed.

This confined space course meets or exceeds OSHA 7300 29 CFR 1910.146 and 29 CFR 1926.1200 – 1213 (permit required confined space regulations requirements).


  • Confined Space Definition and Requirements
  • Discussion of common Fatalities & Mistakes
  • 3 “Key” Questions
    • What is a confined space?
    • What are the hazards?
    • What are the precautions?
  • Legal Requirements & Review of Appropriate Legislation
    • OSHA 1910.146, Permit-required confined spaces (PRCS)
    • OSHA 1926.1200 - 1213, PRCS for Construction
    • ANSI/ASSE Z117.1-2003, Safety Requirements for Confined Spaces
  • Definition of “Competent”
  • Review of Confined Space Testing Equipment
    • Calibration of equipment
    • Monitoring equipment
    • Ventilation equipment
  • Rescue
    • What equipment is needed
    • Non-entry vs. entry rescues
    • Hands-on practice with rescue equipment
  • Introduction to 29 CFR 1910.146
  • Air Monitoring Equipment & Application Review
  • Respiratory Protection Equipment & Application Review
  • Ventilation Equipment & Application
  • Personal Protective Equipment & Dress Out
  • Confined Space Regulations
  • Fall Protection Equipment & Application Review
  • Training Exercises
  • Final Review and Assessment

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