VIRTUAL Fall Protection Competent Person/Equipment Inspection & Qualified Trainer

VIRTUAL Fall Protection Competent Person/Equipment Inspection & Qualified Trainer

Qualified Trainer Training

  • $2,500.00


This 4-day VIRTUAL training course series is designed to inform and prepare students on the foundational information required to meet the responsibilities of a fall prevention and protection competent person, perform fall protection equipment inspections, and be a qualified fall protection trainer per OSHA and ANSI regulations/standards.

This class is intended for an experienced individual who is responsible for providing fall protection training to their employee(s) at the awareness/authorized user level. It does NOT deem the participant a Qualified Trainer upon completion. That is the employer’s requirement.

OSHA regulations state that to be deemed “Qualified” in a fall protection area that the employee must demonstrate to their employer their ability to solve or resolve problems relating to the subject matter, the work, or the project. This course will educate the students on adult educational methodologies, ANSI training standards, and evaluate their ability to conduct a required 20 minute virtual fall protection related training presentation. Each student will be evaluated by the Honeywell instructor and their peers to determine that they have successfully demonstrated acceptable skills to train others.


The class will take place with a live Honeywell instructor through a virtual platform (A direct link to the training is sent after registration and course confirmation). Day 4 course instruction will be presented by a different Honeywell instructor from days 1-3, and a separate link to a new meeting room will be provided.

Testing and certificate download will be through Litmos: (Accounts are created upon registration).

  • A personal computer with a strong internet connection, web camera and headset (reduces noise and echoes)
  • 2-3 anchorage connectors, 2-3 harnesses, and 4-6 connecting devices for the mandatory online practical portion of this class. Equipment can be deployed, damaged, new, or scheduled for inspection.
  • We strongly recommend using more than one monitor in virtual training. In doing so, the presentation can be displayed on one, and workbooks and exercises can be displayed on the other.
  • Please join at least 15 mins. early to work through technical issues.


  • Overview of Fall Prevention and Protection
  • The Need for Fall Protection
  • Hazard Analysis
    • Recognition of hazards
    • Evaluation criteria
    • Control measures
  • Fall Prevention vs. Protection
  • General Principles of Fall Protection
    • Fall clearance calculations
    • Total fall distance calculations
    • Minimizing fall forces (live demonstrations)
  • Personal Fall Arrest Systems (Hands-on-exercises)
    • Inspection procedures
    • Donning procedures
    • Fit test
    • Selection, application and care of equipment
  • Fall Protection on Aerial Lifts and Ladders
  • Rescue
    • Fall victim
    • First on the scene
    • Self-rescue and assisted self-rescue
  • Fall Hazard Task Evaluation (Exercise requiring hazard analysis)
  • Subpart M (Exercise)
  • Competent Person Inspection (Hands-on Practicum)


  • Competent Inspector Definition and Requirements
  • Inspection Pass/Fail Criteria
    • American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
    • Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
    • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Hands-On Practical Exercises


  • Challenges of employee training
  • Prioritize and implement safety in training courses
  • Psychology of learning and how to plan instruction
  • Prepare a lesson plan
  • Instruct a 20-minute fall protection-related training presentation
  • Complete the “Delivering Effective Training” online training program


At no additional cost, a digital download of the required books and all required course materials will be provided prior to the class. 

Some digital workbooks cannot be printed but they are fillable PDFs, allowing commenting and notes. To order a printed copy of the workbooks, follow these links:

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