Wind Energy Competent Climber

Wind Energy Competent Climber

Honeywell Safety Training

  • $1,250.00


This 2-day Wind Energy Competent Climber Training Course fulfills the basic work at height training requirements for field technicians and workers employed within the wind energy sector. The first day is all classroom covering the theory required in a wind park and wind turbine. Day two is all hands-on skills based application training. Student must wear long sleeves, long pants, and comfortable climbing shoes. Students will be working at height and permitted to bring their own fall protection harness, helmet, lanyard, and work gear. Student’s equipment must pass a pre-use inspection to be used in the class. Fall protection equipment will be available for use in the class if the student does not bring theirs.


Wind Energy Fundamentals

  • Anatomy of a Wind Farm/Wind Turbine

Health & Safety Fundamentals

  • Statistical Overview
  • Legal Requirements
  • Hazard Control
  • Risk Assessments

Wind Farm Hazards

  • Electrical Risks
  • Weather Conditions
  • Blade Throw & Structural Collapse
  • Work at Height Risks

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Basic PPE / Fall Protection Requirements

Safe Access to Wind Turbines

  • Wind Farm Authorization Procedures
  • Wind Turbine Safety
  • Access Systems

Work at Height Emergencies

  • Action in an Emergency
  • Suspension Trauma
  • Types of Emergencies
  • Evacuation Equipment
  • Evacuation Methods & Procedures

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