Equipment Inspection App Purchase

Equipment Inspection App Purchase

Honeywell Safety Training

  • $25.00


  • Once purchased, you will receive an order confirmation followed by an email from a Honeywell representative with an activated QR code and instructions.
  • You will need to have the app downloaded to your mobile device first, then scan the QR code inside of the app to access the simulator.
  • The first/last name of the user plus the unique email should be included at checkout. If you are purchasing more than one QR code, we require all names/emails at the time of purchase.


  • Students who are registered and attend either our Competent Person with Equipment Inspection or Fall Protection Equipment Inspection courses will be provided a QR code (otherwise known as a key), and will be able to download the app as part of the training.
  • The app should not used as a replacement for equipment inspection training. It's designed to be used as a tool to aid in  equipment inspection fundamentals.
  • Any scans of the QR code that are not associated with the order will not be approved for use.
  • Each QR code that is purchased and scanned is allowed up to 20 hrs. a year with a maximum of 10 hrs. a month of usage.


Designed with custom augmented reality (AR) featuring Honeywell products, we’ve unleashed an unforgettable experience using computer-generated graphics responding in real time movement. When using the new simulator, Honeywell equipment appears inside your present space as if it were floating in front of you.

Mobile AR simulators increase safety and performance in virtual training.