VIRTUAL Fall Protection Train the Trainer Bundle (Canada)

VIRTUAL Fall Protection Train the Trainer Bundle (Canada)

PRICING: Canadian Funds (plus applicable taxes)

  • $2,100.00

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This four-day virtual course is designed to provide participants with tools as an instructor to design and deliver fall protection course materials internally at their place of employment. The class will take place in a virtual platform. Testing and certificates will be through Litmos:

Instructing is a unique skill set and requires confidence, organization, subject knowledge and content. The Trainer provides insight on how adults learn, process, and use information. The course combines activities, participant presentations and knowledge verification. Fall Protection Train the Trainer provides a complete instructor package that includes Qualified Person and Qualified Inspector of Fall Protection Equipment.


  • Learning as an Adult
  • Characteristics of Learning
  • Role of the Instructor
  • Design and Delivery of Training
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Managing Difficult Behaviors
  • Participant Presentations
  • Participant/Peer Feedback
  • Theory Exam


  • A personal computer with a strong internet connection.
  • Please ensure you have a web cam and that your computer audio is enabled. We suggest you use a headset, which reduces echo for the instructor.
  • 2-3 anchorage connectors, 2-3 harnesses, and 4-6 connecting devices for the mandatory online practical portion of this class. Equipment can be deployed, damaged, new, or scheduled for inspection.
  • We strongly recommend using more than one monitor in virtual training. In doing so, the presentation can be displayed on one, and workbooks and exercises can be displayed on the other.
  • Please join at least 15 mins. early to work through technical issues. 

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