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“When educating about Confined Space Utility work, what are three important things to remember?"
Mark Cangemi, CSP

We asked this question to Mark Cangemi, CSP - Our Senior Technical Training Specialist. Always eager to train on this topic…he didn’t stop at 3.

  1.  #1 causes of fatalities are due to preventable atmospheric hazards.
  2. There are approximately 150 annual fatalities in the United States due to confined space entry. That’s 1 death every 2.5 days.
  3. At least 60% of confined space fatalities are "would-be rescuers" attempting to rescue an entry victim.
  4. The proper PPE for confined space entry and rescue can differ depending on whether those spaces have Vertical or Horizontal access. "It is important for employers to recognize if their confined spaces require vertical or horizontal entry and access in order to determine the correct PPE for the application.

Mark also provided a few helpful resources on this topic:

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