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It's important to understand what training is required for your job function, how often you are required to take it, and if you are taking the right course.

So often we hear about employees taking a course without researching it, only to find out that the course did not meet regulatory compliance requirements and resulted in losing business including re-taking the training with the right provider. 

Safety training is an integral part of ensuring employee safety by following regulatory compliance. To know the types of training you or your employees need, it's important to familiarize yourself with the regulations at all levels, understand what’s being done within your organization, and review those things regularly for any relevant changes.

For example, employees working at height must be thoroughly trained with the knowledge and skills to recognize fall hazards; evaluate the risk posed by each hazard, and control the hazard through preventive or protective measures. Each individual must understand these techniques and procedures, including any challenges unique to their company’s procedures, job sites, or tasks.

It doesn’t pay to cut corners, and it’s important to be trained according to the regulatory requirements – not watering it down, or shortening it because it’s easier. The liability, safety, and protection of your workers rely on it.

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