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What are three things to think about when you go onto an active construction site? We this question to Rip Canon - Our Construction PPE Lead for US and Canada. Rip's knowledge goes wide and deep and can help save your life.
  1. There is a high likelihood that there is a mandatory “MUST WEAR” HI Viz vest, head protection, eye protection, and Steel Toed Boots. At a minimum, you won't be allowed on a site unless you have boots, but sometimes even impenetrable “nail-proof” soles are required to prevent nail injuries. Also, Rip said that 80% of the time he goes onto active sites, there are also glove mandates to protect from cuts and lacerations when handling sharp and dangerous objects on an active site.
  2. Observe all barriers and signs, especially when around active trenching. Keeping an eye out, slowing down, and reading the signage can help save your life. There are a lot of requirements on a job site for signage for a lot of reasons. Pay attention to what the signs tell you, and ensure you are wearing the correct PPE onsite to protect yourself.
  3. Construction season tends to ramp up in Spring and carry through Summer. While this means favorable weather for projects…it can also mean working in overwhelming heat. Very often construction workers are not hydrating properly. But it’s not limited to the workers, everyone on a job site is susceptible to high heat in the sun, and heat stress is incredibly dangerous. Remember what you did the day or night before often affects your hydration levels. If you had less water yesterday, make sure you plan for your hydration and stay safe. Fainting on an active job site is incredibly hazardous and staying properly hydrated can help.


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