AR Technology Joins the Safety Training World

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Technology has taken off in the safety world making an impact virtually, and specifically with the use of augmented reality.

What is augmented reality and how is it used in Honeywell training?

Augmented Reality, or AR Technology, adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smart phone. It creates an interactive experience mixing real world with digital content. As a result, images appear as holograms floating in the middle of a room, projecting information on top of what you’re already seeing.

We are passionate about evolving our virtual training, and we’ve taken extra steps to see that our customers get the best experience possible! Because of this mindset, our Competent Person and Fall Protection Equipment Inspection training courses now include AR technology via simple smartphone app download and a complimentary scan to access the simulator.

Although not developed with the intention to replace hands-on training, mobile AR simulators are proven to make training more engaging and effective.

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Increase safety & lower the risk in safety training

AR simulators increase safety and performance in virtual trainings. Employees can experience a simulated reality without being in real danger and can learn the consequences of wrongdoings without the serious repercussions. 

Our equipment inspection app is not necessarily the platform that reduces hazardous situations, but it does allow users to practice a skillset they previously could only learn in person. It bridges the virtual gap in hands-on training and is designed to be used as a tool to aid in equipment inspection fundamentals virtually. 

View new Honeywell product up close

Another advantage of using our equipment inspection app with AR Technology is that it has been designed with some of Honeywell’s newest products, including the H500 Harness. We do have plans to develop additional product and simulators in the future.

The bottom line 

Our hands-on training now has the virtual capabilities to immerse your experience in a way you never experienced before - without time or repeated exercise limitations. New and experienced employees alike can visually engage and improve their skillset in the process at hand until they are comfortable, and at no additional charge if they are already attending our training.

And, for those who may not be registered for a training, but still want to experience the simulator, we have made that possible too by ordering here.

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